5 Stage Job Search Tips – Stage 1B – Highlighting Your Skills and Experience

Stage 1B – Highlighting Your Skills and Experience

In addition to qualifications and technical skills, employers are often interested in what they describe as “employability skills” or transferable skills when deciding who to employ and who to promote within the organizations.

The Australian Government released the Core Skills for Work Development Framework (CSfW), which describes the non-technical skills, knowledge and understandings necessary for participation in work.

The ten skill areas of the CSfW include:

Cluster 1 - Navigate The World of Work

a.      Manage career and work life

Manage career and work life, including decisions throughout life 
about how, when and where to work.

b.      Work with roles, rights and protocols

Work with roles, rights and protocols – understand work roles and work place right and expectations.

Cluster 2 - Interact with Others

a.      Communicate for work

Communicate for work, including recognising communication
protocols and etiquette, using communication systems and
processes, understanding messages and getting messages across 
to others.

b.      Connect and work with others

Connect and work with others, which involves building the work-related relationships needed to achieve outcomes and goals in work.

c.      Recognise and utilise diverse perspectives

Recognise and utilise diverse perspectives, including the capacity to recognise and respond to differing values, beliefs and behaviours, and draw on diverse perspectives.

Cluster 3 - Get The Work Done

a.     Plan and organise 

Plan and organise, which involves identifying and completing the steps needed to undertake tasks and manage workloads.

b.     Make decisions

Make decisions, including making choices from a range of possibilities.

c.     Identify and solve problems

Identify and solve problems, which involves identifying and addressing routine and non-routine problems in order to achieve work objectives.

d.     Create and innovate

Create and innovate, which includes creating, applying and recognising the value of new ideas to solve problems; improve or develop new process, products or strategies; or deliver new benefits.

e.     Work in a digital world

Work in a digital world, which refers to the capacity to connect to other people, information and contexts for work-related purposes using digital systems and technologies.

Apart from specific qualifications and technical expertise, what skills and knowledge have you got that make you employable?

Identify four transferable skills of your own, which you have used at work or university.

Think of three different jobs and list three transferable skills that are essential for each job.

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