5 Stage Job Search Tips – Stage 2B – Avoiding Common CV / Resume Mistakes

Stage 2B – Avoiding Common CV / Resume Mistakes

Common CV / Resume Mistakes

-   Sending the same CV / resume for all the jobs they apply to;

-   Making spelling mistakes;

-   Including information that is not relevant;

-   Providing too much information so that the CV / resume is too long;

-   Using a bad layout or design;

-   Including lies.

Why are short and concise CVs / resumes preferable?

Employers don’t have much time.
A concise CV / resume can demonstrate your ability to edit effectively.

Why should not you lie in a CV / resume?

Your CV / resume is a legal contract and you could lose your job if found out.
You will be more confident in the interview if your CV / resume is accurate.

Should you use the same CV / resume for all your applications?

No, you should adapt your CV / resume for each job you apply for.

Look at the following extracts from CVs / resumes. Identify and correct the spelling mistakes (the number of mistakes is given in the brackets). Use a dictionary to help you.

In my prevous job I was responsable for dealling with my bosses’ correspondance, passing on their telephone massages, and arrangeing apointments with visitors. (7)

Apart form the academic beneffits, the experiance off studing abraod enabled me to practice my foriegn language sklls and develope my strenghts in non-academic areas. (10)

During my time as an assistent in the personal department, my main achievement was when I lead a project witch focused on improveing startegic business planing. (9)

Answer: see below

prevous   previous
responsable   responsible
dealling   dealing
correspondance   correspondence
massages   messages
arrangeing   arranging
apointments   appointments

form   from
beneffit   benefit
experiance   experience
off   of
studing   studying
abraod   abroad
practice   practise
foriegn   foreign
develope   develop
strenghts   strengths

assistent   assistant
personal   personnel
lead   led
whitch   which
improveing   improving
startegic   strategic
planing   planning

Which of these mistakes do you regularly make?

Are there any other words that you often spell incorrectly?

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