6 Tips on Making Recruiters Part of Your Career Strategy (3/6) - What Happen When Recruiters Look at Your Resume

What Happens When Recruiters Look at Your Resume

To write a resume that will hold a recruiter’s attention and make her wants to know more, it helps to know how recruiters read resumes.
The first thing that they look for on a resume is titles. Clear titles like Marketing Manager or Customer Service Officer will help you stand out.

Second, they will look to see whether you work in an industry or for a company similar to their client’s.

Third, they will scan for proven results. Therefore, always use metrics and specifics on your resume like percentages and dollar amounts. Your references should be able to confirm that you produced the results mentioned on your resume.

Recruiters will also look to see whether you have been job-hopping or have stagnated. A new job every year could indicate that you can’t hold down a job, whereas staying at one job for too many years can suggest you are not able to branch out. Having a new job every four to seven years, with an increase in responsibility, scope, and territory at each one, shows you may be easier candidate to work with.

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