6 Tips on Making Recruiters Part of Your Career Strategy (2/6) - Want a Recruiter to Find You? Don’t Leave Your Job

Want a Recruiter to Find You? 
Don’t Leave Your Job.

Recruiters target passive candidates – people who are not looking for work. Employers prefer to hire currently employed higher performers.Unfortunately, there is a stigma attached to candidates who are employed. For that reason, it is a mistake to quit your job just because you hate it. It is far better, in my opinion, to stick it out and seek your next job while you’re still employed. Otherwise, you can add months to your job search.

Active candidates are people who are aggressively seeking news jobs. Sometimes they are employed; other times they sense bad times ahead for their companies and are looking to jump ship. 

Some employers can be more reluctant to hire overly active candidates because they fear an active candidate will take a job out of necessity, and that he’ll leave once he finds more appealing work elsewhere.

Another term recruiters often use is A-players. These employees are the top performers in their functional area. They are difficult to acquire because they’re usually compensated well. Most of them are passive candidates who come with a high price tag – and hefty recruiting fees. 

To entice A-players to change jobs, employers need to offer them meaningful increases in compensation, benefits, and other perks.

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