6 Tips on Making Recruiters Part of Your Career Strategy (4/6) - A Recruiter Just Left Me a Message: Now What?

A Recruiter Just Left Me a Message: Now What?

Say you have posted a stellar resume on LinkedIn and a recruiter’s called you about a job opening at certain company. What should you do next?

Head to Google. Recruiters will expect you to know something about the companies where they are suggesting you work. That is one reason why you should always let callers leave a message while job hunting: it gives you time to do a little homework before you call someone back. Go to companies’ websites and read their press release.

Also, determine what you want and don’t want from a job. To improve your chances with recruiters, be up-front with them. Tell them exactly what you are looking for, being specific about what you want in terms of compensation, benefits, and location. At some points, a recruiter will ask you what your current compensation is and how much you are seeking from your next job. Different recruiters and HR professionals have different opinions on how you should answer this question, but I would suggest stating a precise amount rather than giving as salary range. If you give a company a range and they do make you on offer, it will usually be at the low end of whatever range you provide them.

You can also improve your relationship with a recruiter by serving as a professional contact. Let her know about job openings at your company or potential candidates for positions she is looking to fill. In return she might be able to give you leads on jobs at other companies. However don’t disclose openings for jobs you are interested in. Some recruiters may pitch companies other candidates for those jobs, increasing your competition.

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