16 Ways to Find a Job in Australia - 4/16 - Career Advice Services

How to find a job in Australia - Career Advice Services - Job Search Tips for Job Hunters

Employers often notify the service providers of the vacancies. You are recommended to approach your service providers to get more information, if you are eligible for any career advice services.

Most of the Australian Universities, colleges and schools provide Career advice services to students.

Q: Where can I find Career Advice Services in Australia?

A: You can use our Custom Search Box to find Career Advice Service in Australia. You need to type in“Career Advice Service” and the location.
 For example: “Career Advice Service Australia”, ” Career Advice Service Melbourne”

Q: Is there any FREE Career Advice Services in Australia?

A: You can use our Custom Search Box to search “Skills and Jobs Centres”. The services form Skills and Jobs Centres are funded by the State Government, therefore it is FREE. 

Skills and Jobs Centres offer advice and a range of services including:

-          apprenticeship and traineeship advice
-          referral to additional service providers offering welfare support and financial advice
-          job search skills and resume preparation assistance
-          assistance to identify existing skills with the opportunity to formalise these through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
-          access to information on employment trends, industry areas with skills shortages and employment opportunities
-          assistance with career and training plans, identifying training qualifications that could be undertaken to make a successful career transition.

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16 ways to find jobs in Australia

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