16 Ways to Find a Job in Australia - 1/16 - Apprenticeships

How to find a job in Australia - Apprenticeships - Job Search Tips for Job Hunters
Australian Apprenticeships is also known as traineeships, which is available to anyone of working age. It offers opportunities for you to train, study and earn an income.

You do not need any certificate or qualification to do an Australian Apprenticeship.

After finishing your Australian Apprenticeship, you will have a nationally recognised qualification that can take you anywhere in Australia.

Q: Where can I find information about Apprenticeships in Australia?

A: You can use our Custom Search Box to search “Australian Apprenticeships”. You will be able to access the following information:
-          How to become an Australian Apprentice
-          Benefits, Eligibility, Occupations, Employment Conditions
-          Find Apprenticeship Network providers near you
-          National Skills needs list

Q: Where can I find FREE apprenticeship advice in Australia?

A: If you are looking for FREE apprenticeship advice, you can use our CustomSearch Box to search “Skills and Jobs Centres”. Skills and Jobs Centres offer advice and a range of services including: Apprenticeship and Traineeship advice. The services from Skills and Jobs Centres are FREE because they are funded by state government.

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16 ways to find jobs in Australia

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